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Zander Insurance Review

Dave Ramsey “recommends” Zander insurance. It would be more fair to say he is a paid endorser of the service. If you were to visit the Zander Insurance website you would notice that Dave Ramsey is clearly shown on nearly every main page. I’ve already discussed in a prior post my issues with Dave Ramsey, so in my opinion it doesn’t really seem like he is the most credible or likely spokesperson for anything.

What is good and bad about Zander Insurance?

Let me start by saying that Zander Insurance is far better than State Farm or Allstate or any other franchised type of life insurance operation.  Their quote engine is instant which puts them into the top tier of life insurance services already.  The bad aspects of the site, it that it requires personal information to be entered, and completely rejects the idea that there is any value in any scenario for someone to have permanent life insurance.  This is obviously meant to be congruent to the constant and one dimensional advice given by Dave Ramsey himself.  It’s almost as though they were one of the only life insurance operations that was capable of purchasing Dave’s recommendation because they were willing to push the highly simplistic and somewhat ignorant view that permanent insurance is never beneficial.

Virtually every life insurance website has similar flaws that Zander Insurance does except for the somewhat contrived endorsement from a questionable “financial expert”.  There are only a few sites that do what mine does as quickly as it does.  At this point it seems Zander insurance may have become too entrenched with Ramsey’s name.  For one, being involved with his name prevents a life insurance agency from being able to do any type of estate planning or even providing the best option for those using life insurance as protection of their pensions.  Secondly, now that they have beat their chest so often that Dave Ramsey the endorsement associated with them it has lost most of it’s value and objectivity. 

Zander Insurance is a decent life insurance website, but I can objectively say that YourLifeSolution.com is simply better.  It’s clean and to the point.  I don’t feel the need to shove the ‘buy term invest the difference’ mantra down the user’s throat as I believe people can understand this concept for themselves.  My site is also superior simply because it quotes more companies and provides more information about underwriting than Zander Insurance’s website does or likely ever will.


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